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Is designed for weddings, parties and corporate events the difference is that it is not a Photo Booth but a mobile photography studio. this  is a full photograpic  studio experience means more room to have fun and being yourself either formal shots or crazy ones with our props the choice is yours, this new service you pay per hour for the services we provide, this is the same superior service that we supply to charity events in black tie events but in a slightly scaled-down version.


Option !

£125 per hour (min of 2hrs)  for print on site. for free all night

Option 2

£100 per hour ( min of 3 hrs)   no printed images just digital delivery


So you want to know what you get your money you get the same   photographic studio at your event with props and various backdrops and experience  professional photographer to take the images not just an operator so you're assured of quality. the difference being is we print images on the night for free these are 4 x 6 gloss photographs to take away on the night there is no limit  to the amount of pictures you can have or the amount of photographs taken.

also get a digital guestbook at the end of the night either on a memory stick or disk we also can do a printed guestbook at additional cost please contact me for details. 


Booking infomation

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